Nexxus Foods distinguishes itself in the development of specialized ingredients and high-quality functional mixes for all your sports drinks, energy bars and sports nutrition foods, including proteins, gluten-free flours, fibers, organic ingredients, sweeteners, functional ingredients and innovative new blends.

Gum Systems


GB-CXC-110 is a functional gum system that provides viscosity, body and mouth-feel to protein-rich beverages. This hydrocolloid preparation will also provide stability to beverage suspension.


This organic gum mix is a functional system specially formulated to provide viscosity and body to high-protein organic beverages. Primarily composed of organic guar gum and organic chia protein, this blend is certified organic and contains no allergens.

(GB CXT-200)

GB-CXT-200 is a functional gum system formulated to provide viscosity and body to beverages with high protein content and to stabilize their suspension. The unique feature of this system is that is doesn’t contain carrageenan; the mix is composed of cellulose, xanthan and Tara gums (recently approved by Health Canada).

Masking Agents


A natural liquid flavour designed to mask acidity and bitterness, without affecting pH levels. It has the property of enhancing the overall flavour. Ideal for improving flavour perception and masking acidity for beverage applications such as fruit juices and protein beverages.

Bitter Masking System (BMS)

BMS (Bitter Masking System) is a 100% natural powder mix, designed to mask the undesirable flavours and off-notes of ingredients such as vitamins and minerals in all types of products. The use of BMS can mask the bitterness of fruits and legumes.

Protein Mixes


A unique, functional blend of plant proteins consisting of soy protein isolate, pea protein, hemp and chia. With a protein content of more than 80%, this mix is specially designed for high protein bakery applications and gives the product a high nutritional value.

For cookies

A unique, functional mixture of vegetable and dairy proteins. With a protein content of 80%, it is specially designed for high protein bakery applications, especially for cookie making.


Nexxus Foods has developed several cocoa substitutes for different applications such as beverages and bakery products. The mixes are designed to replace up to 50% of the cocoa powder without affecting functionality, taste or colour. The cocoa substitute is also available in an organic, allergen-free version.

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