Research, development, design and production of custom solutions

At Nexxus Foods we have the expertise to develop functional solutions that meet your requirements by using only the finest ingredients, which are allergen free, GMO free, organic, 100% natural, and clean label.  Whether it is in dairy, poultry, bakery, or nutritional bars and beverages, our scientists will work with you hand in hand to create the best functional solution for your needs.

Examples of solutions created by Nexxus Foods

Acid masker

A natural liquid flavour designed to mask acidity and bitterness, without affecting pH levels. It has the property of enhancing overall flavour. Ideal for improving flavour perception and masking the sourness of acids in beverage applications such as fruit juices and protein beverages.

Bitter Masking System (BMS)

BMS is a 100% natural dry mix, designed to mask the undesirable flavours and off-notes of ingredients such as vitamins and minerals in all types of products. The use of BMS can mask the bitterness of fruits and legumes. It is particularly effective in providing a neutral taste to soy, peas, almonds and rice in high protein beverages and nutrition bars. This product is easily soluble in cold water.

Calcium™ 5

Calcium™ 5 is a mix designed to be added to beverages to increase the calcium content without affecting the taste of the final product.

Cocoa substitute

Nexxus Foods has developed several cocoa substitutes for different applications such as beverages and bakery products. The mixes are designed to replace up to 50% of the cocoa powder without affecting functionality, taste or colour. Used in conjunction with cocoa powder, it prolongs cocoa powder and reduces the cost of ingredients. The use of a cocoa substitute reduces the heavy metal content. Nexxus Foods also offers a lactose-free formula.

Texture enhancer

Crispinex™ 95X is a fibre mix designed to provide and maintain crispy texture. Crispinex™ 95X is also used to increase the water holding capacity of fried and cooked products, to improve meat yield and to maintain breading crispiness.

Gum mix system

Nexxus Foods specializes in the development of different gum blending systems to primarily stabilize protein solutions. Also, GB-CXC-110 is a functional gum system that provides viscosity, body and mouth-feel to protein-rich beverages. This food additive preparation will also provide stability to beverage suspension.

Icing mix

Egg-free glaze: WDX-0061 is a dry mix designed to replace an egg glaze that provides a glossy coating to various cooking products. The product can be applied to food by spraying, dipping or brushing.

Pastry icing

Natural mold inhibitor

Egg substitute

Eggs play an important role in the production of pastries and bakery products in terms of structure, colour, flavour and consistency. However, even though eggs are functional and essential for cooking, there are still many reasons not to eat eggs, such as their high cholesterol content, and the risk of allergens and Salmonella. OVONEX, made from ground flaxseed, chia seeds and soy protein, is designed to replace eggs in a multitude of bakery and pastry applications, such as breads, muffins, cakes, cookies, brownies, waffles and pancakes.

Compared to eggs, this egg substitute is trans-fat free, cholesterol free, low in calories, low in fat (almost negligible fat content) and high in fibre (almost 30% fibre in a dry mix) and omega-3 acids. In addition, OVONEX is also gluten free, egg free and milk free.

Custom gluten-free mixes

Protein mix for biscuits

Vegan protein blend

Pancake mix

Pizza crust mix

Ice cream cone mix

Waffle mix

Bread mix

Pita bread mix

Tortilla mix

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