Our expertise

Specialty ingredients and mixes

Specializing in the development and distribution of specialty ingredients for the food industry since 2004, Nexxus Foods is the supplier of choice for your proteins, gluten-free flours, fibres, sweeteners, carbohydrates, stabilizers, fruits and vegetables, etc. Nexxus Foods is also involved in the customization of new mixes for specific applications to meet your needs in terms of functionality, texture, taste, shelf life and nutritional quality in the design of your final product.

Gluten-free and GMO-free solutions

Nexxus Foods stands out for the quality and diversity of its ingredients and functional gluten-free and non-GMO solutions. Learn about our bread, pancake, waffle, pita, tortilla, pizza crust and biscuit mixes, and our vegan protein mix, with its exceptional properties and taste.

Sports nutrition

Nexxus Foods presents the best solutions and ingredients to enhance the design of all your sports beverages, energy bars and sports nutrition foods, including proteins, gluten-free flours, fibres, sweeteners, functional ingredients and innovative new mixes.

Various food products

Since its inception, Nexxus Foods has grown and diversified through a wide range of food products such as beverages, nutritional and gluten-free products, baked goods and pastries, soups and sauces, dairy products, prepared foods and meats.

Our superior-quality guarantee

Nexxus Foods works closely with our suppliers to better understand and serve our customers. All of our products are certified and rigorously inspected according to the highest industry standards (BRC, SQF, ISO, FSSCC, etc.) by our esteemed partners and laboratories before final delivery. Stored for a maximum period of 3 months, all of our products are guaranteed and will be replaced within 15 days of receipt if they do not meet your expectations or the standards promised by our company.

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