Our Areas of Expertise

Innovative with a Scientific Approach

Comprised of the best specialists in the industry, the Nexxus Foods team will suggest the best functional solution to meet your specific needs. Whether it is a functional ingredient or the development of custom solutions, Nexxus has the solution to meet your needs in terms of functionality, texture, taste, shelf life and nutritional quality when designing your final product.

Gluten-free, Allergen-Free and GMO-free Functional Solutions

 Nexxus Foods stands out for the quality and diversity of its ingredients and gluten-free, allergen-free and non-GMO functional solutions. Learn about our bread, pancake, waffle, pita, tortilla, pizza crust and cookie mixes, and our vegan protein mix, with its exceptional properties and taste.

Personalized Service

Nexxus’ business practices are based on one simple philosophy: our customers’ best interests must always come first. It is due to this mindset and Nexxus’ core values that our customers consistently benefit from superior quality and service.

When Nexxus develops specialized products and formulas for our customers, the process is a close and easy collaboration to create the best functional solutions that are found on the market.

Nexxus also guarantees constant inventory availability and rigorous supply chain oversight to be rid of any supply constraints and ensure on-time deliveries with guaranteed quality requirements.

With our customers’ best interests always being a priority, every request is processed quickly and effectively to constantly exceed expectations.

It is customer success that fuels Nexxus to constantly grow and constantly innovate the best functional solutions for the marketplace.

Our Superior-quality Guarantee

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